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What to wear for this Holiday Season..Parties Parties Parties!


Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner. I know I know you are probably sitting there thinking about everything that has to be done. You have presents to wrap, decorations to hang, holiday plans to make but the worst of it all is you have to figure out what to wear! I bet you will just throw on that black dress that sits in the back of your closet until a special occasion rolls around. No! Not this year ladies. Yes, black is slimming but it is safe boring!

Step out of your box and buy a new holiday party dress that isn’t black! Get inspired by celebs’ favorite party dresses of the season! Curators of Style named Sophia Vergara as one of it’s best dressed celebrities. She was spotted in an amazing sequined striped mini-dress with nude platforms. Her look is stunningly perfect for this time of year.

I purchased my holiday party dress from Juicy Couture. The purple velvet with rhinestone accents has all the right touches for this holiday season. It is a stylish, wrinkle free and comfortable dress ready to wear for any party.


Winter Wear: UGGs aren’t UGG-LY!


Looking for the perfect boots to wear this winter?

Australian Ugg boots is where it’s at! If your one of the ones who thinks these are pretty ugg-ly, I know for a fact if you give them a chance your toes would say differently.  Uggs are practical, warm, amazingly comfortable and easy to slip on and off.

 Everywhere you look celebrities are sporting these boots in all different ways with shorts, skirts and jeans; well let’s just say with just about anything! Coolspotters spotted celebrity Minka Kelley showing off her classic short caramel colored UGG boots looking all casual and cute.

If you didn’t know these boots are pretty impressive. They were handcrafted in Italy, using only the finest Italian leathers and materials. Let’s be honest, they can be a little pricey but are worth the purchase because they will last you a lifetime…literally! Different colors, fabrics, lengths and sizes with elaborate detail make up the super stylish UGG Collection.

 The picture featured is my personal collection of UGGs. I know I know a little excessive but what can I say I’m addicted and a girl has to have one to match every outfit, right? If you haven’t already, consider trying some on for yourself. I promise you’ll never look back!


Remember Christmas is just around the corner and these would make the perfect Christmas present because It’s..cold..outside!

Fashion Dos and Donts for Weddings this Fall!


 I am a senior in college, what I consider to still be young and ever so often it seems every time I turn around someone is getting married! Is this a joke? It is so frustrating when choosing what to wear to a wedding especially this time of year. The last thing I want to do is upset the bride but I don’t want to outshine her either but then again we must look fabulous; it’s extremely confusing! Below are some definite dos and don’ts we should all consider when figuring out what to wear to fall time weddings.


  1. Wear something feminine and appropriate according to the formallity of the event.
  2. Wear nice heels or flats, dependingn what makes you most comfortable.
  3. According to Marie Claire’s website embrace bright colors. Marigold, maroon, purple, turquoise, dark green would be beautiful for this time of year.
  4. Check with the bride to see what color the bridesmaids are wearing. You don’t want to look like you’re in the wedding party.
  5. Accessorize. Find a statement necklace or bracelet in coordinating colors to your outfit.
  6. Wear something you feel sexy in, but stay modest.


  1. Wear black or sequins during the daytime.
  2. Wear overly sexy clothing. It belongs in a club not a wedding. 
  3. Wear white, off-white, or ivory it competes with the brides dress.
  4. Wear basic brown or black, it can look very sad at a wedding.
  5. Wear flip-flops or casual shoes.
  6. Wear shorts, revealing tops or dresses that are too tight or too short.

Love and Embrace the Lace!


Lace: The perfect versatile vintage material a girl could possibly have in her closet! Whether you want to feel sweet and innocent or sexy and mischievous lace can take you there in just minutes.

“All things old are official cool,” Elle magazine declares in its fall 2011 Trend Report. Whether it’s a dress on the red carpet as celebs love to wear it or just a lace top paired with a dressy jean or skirt, lace is defiantly THE must have for an unforgettable trend this season.

According to a Cosmopolitan fashion blog celebrities demonstrate the hottest ways to wear lace. Jessica Alba pulled off the trend beautifully at the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show. The white lace looks stunning with her puckered red lips and peep-toe shoe boots. Sugarfab’s website shows 15 different versions when and how to wear lace guiding you from feeling girly to sultry all along the way.

Everywhere I look I see lace on a famous person. Don’t let this freak you out ladies, going off thinking lace is too expensive. I purchased my cream lace long-sleeve vintage dress in Stillwater at Still Posh for just $45 and my black lace top with the light pink under layer at Forever21 for just $29.99! I have paired it with black shorts and wedges during the summer but also dark wash skinny jeans with my black leather jacket in the winter pulling off two completely different looks.

Use your imagination and get to lovin the lace for the fall!

Fashion Fitness: Look Amazing Even At The Colvin!



Ladies! There is a solution to your hideous grungy gym attire! Get rid of those baggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirt I know most of youare sporting at the gym! I know, I know, the last thing we think about when attending the Colvin is looking all sassy and cute. Most of the time I am lucky to even get myself motivated to go! Surprisingly, it has been proved looking good while working out is directly related to the amount of confidence you feel.

This year’s fitness fashion gear more than ever seems to be comfortable and functional as much as it is fashionable. There are no excuses anymore! Target, Hibbits and Nike/Under Armor Outlets sell plenty of attractive and chic suggestions.



  1. Bright colors: bold, flirty, powerful and energetic colors with graphics and stylish designs provide dimension.
  2. Reduce material: slim-fitting apparel helps provides mobility without any distraction
  3. Fabric: ventilation and breathable materials allow your body to operate correctly without getting over-heated.
  4. Shorts and tights: layering lightweight shorts over tights is a flattering look for those of you who are self-conscious in leggings.

I can’t wait see you all at the Colvin and/or running around campus in this beautiful fall weather rockin out in your new fashion fitness attire!