Love and Embrace the Lace!


Lace: The perfect versatile vintage material a girl could possibly have in her closet! Whether you want to feel sweet and innocent or sexy and mischievous lace can take you there in just minutes.

“All things old are official cool,” Elle magazine declares in its fall 2011 Trend Report. Whether it’s a dress on the red carpet as celebs love to wear it or just a lace top paired with a dressy jean or skirt, lace is defiantly THE must have for an unforgettable trend this season.

According to a Cosmopolitan fashion blog celebrities demonstrate the hottest ways to wear lace. Jessica Alba pulled off the trend beautifully at the Chanel Haute Couture fashion show. The white lace looks stunning with her puckered red lips and peep-toe shoe boots. Sugarfab’s website shows 15 different versions when and how to wear lace guiding you from feeling girly to sultry all along the way.

Everywhere I look I see lace on a famous person. Don’t let this freak you out ladies, going off thinking lace is too expensive. I purchased my cream lace long-sleeve vintage dress in Stillwater at Still Posh for just $45 and my black lace top with the light pink under layer at Forever21 for just $29.99! I have paired it with black shorts and wedges during the summer but also dark wash skinny jeans with my black leather jacket in the winter pulling off two completely different looks.

Use your imagination and get to lovin the lace for the fall!


About Camilley's Closet

Hi my name is Camille Thompson. I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. I am originally from Ardmore, OK. I consider myself a bubbly, free spirited, ambitious and extremely family-orientated girl. In fact, my relationship with my family is the most important thing in my life. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house. I specifically remember playing in her closet, trying on her clothes and modeling her five sizes too big high heels pretending I was a princess from a far away land. This probably explains my love for fashion and need to shop. I decided to create Camilley’s closet in hope to teach and update women on the latest trends and fashion tips by taking you a step inside my own closet. The goal of my blog is to help women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of not knowing what to wear, something most of us deal with on a daily basis. To contact me please contact me at

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