ORANGE: Is it just for OSU football and Halloween?


As you may remember orange was the single hottest color of spring 2011. But, it is continuing to be a hot color going into fall! Maybe it’s the miles of aisles of Halloween decorations and pumpkins starting to appear in stores or the overwhelmingly sea of orange on Saturday nights while watching Cowboy football that doesn’t make this color an appealing one to pull out of my closet for a night out on the town. But wait! Shades of shades can actually be worn to add warmth and life to your fall and winter wardrobe. Go from game day to date night in just three simple steps:

1.Loose the cowboy boots and add leopard pumps with your orange dress for a hot irresistible look.

2.Replace your orange, black and white plaid scarf with an orange floral or geometric print one to create a fun flirtystyle.

3.Switch your black purse and jewelry out with brown ones to create a gorgeous warm fall trend.

Okay okay we get it! Orange is great and all but what about impressing that cute boy I have had a crush on for weeks now? Well, here is the secret.  Orange paired with hot pink according the funky fashionista blog is a creative way to stand out in those overwhelming college crowds. Try mixing in a related orange shade with an accessory like a sassy rust shoe or a chic peach blazer, heads without a doubt will be turning your way!


About Camilley's Closet

Hi my name is Camille Thompson. I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. I am originally from Ardmore, OK. I consider myself a bubbly, free spirited, ambitious and extremely family-orientated girl. In fact, my relationship with my family is the most important thing in my life. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house. I specifically remember playing in her closet, trying on her clothes and modeling her five sizes too big high heels pretending I was a princess from a far away land. This probably explains my love for fashion and need to shop. I decided to create Camilley’s closet in hope to teach and update women on the latest trends and fashion tips by taking you a step inside my own closet. The goal of my blog is to help women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of not knowing what to wear, something most of us deal with on a daily basis. To contact me please contact me at

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